Wednesday, 11 April 2012

San Francisco Bay Area Hard Money Loans

The San Francisco Bay Area is a unique and diverse region, home to 7.1 million people living in big cities, suburbs, and small towns. In the Bay Area, people have access to a wide variety of distinctive communities, beautiful natural environments, a diverse economy, and unique recreation areas.
Bay area Private money loans
Hard Money Lending is most common business in San Francisco Bay area. Many private money lenders and hard money lenders are looking to finance within the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area offers tremendous real estate opportunities and private money loans are readily available.

The following are the most common types of Hard Money Loans that are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Rehab or Renovation Loan - In most cases, a rehab loan can be used to make improvements on the property and also to purchase the property. This may allow the purchaser the ability to get a loan for more than the current value of the structure. With Hard Money Loans the lender usually would like to see at least 30% of the acquisition price being put down on a purchase.
  •  Bridge Loan- Interim financing is offered by Private Money Lenders for an individual or business until permanent or a new form of financing can be obtained. Money from the new funding source is generally used to "take out" (i.e. to pay back) the bridge loan, as well as other funding needs.
  • Spec Construction Loan- Contractors, builders and developers who are building a home without a guaranteed sale or take out loan upon completion are said to be building on “Spec”, which is short for “Speculation.”If you are searching for a Hard Money Loan in the San Francisco Bay Area keep these key factors in mind.
California Private Money Loans
For most property types located in California, whether commercial, residential, or other property types, we have a solution for you.  Feel free to call (415 680 3454) or email ( your scenario and we will respond within 24 business hours.  If you prefer, you can complete our contact form here.

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