Monday, 23 April 2012

How to take advantage of current real estate values

hard money loan lendersThis is the frequent question asked by private investors, clients, family and friends. They are interested in searching the ways to take advantage of current real estate values. Most people in the media have taken the real estate market perspective of gloom and doom. For the most part, they would be correct in their assessment that the real estate market is having a very difficult time. Unfortunately, they do very little commentating on the positive side of the real estate market and the opportunities that exist. If you use the right technique in real estate business then it is an excellent opportunity to make profit.

If you start real estate business as an individual, then at the beginning, focused on single family residential real estate. It’s simply an easier place to start, smaller dollar amount to pay, easier to move in and out of the properties. As an investor you can take the loan from hard money lenders from your respective lender in your area. Hard money lending is a popular business in America. California is the head quarter of this business. You basically has three options. Buy and flip the property for quick profit. Buy and hold property for monthly rentals income plus future appreciation. Third is simply be the lender and place a lien against the property as collateral.

Hard Money real Estate Loans

The following are the ways to take advantage of the current real estate market.

1         1.      Marketing: Within the advancement of technology the use of computers and internet is best mean for advertising and marketing your product or services. The way you market  your property is highly matter to achieve good profit. So focus on new marketing techniques.

2.      Watch for Foreclosures and Short Sale Opportunities: Foreclosures are homes
where the borrower has defaulted on the loan; a short sale is when the home is sold for less than what the borrower owes on the loan. In either case, it can be a super deal for you, the real estate investor. Talk to your real estate agent and ask him or her to get you on a foreclosure auction list so you can start to see how much foreclosed homes in your area are going for. 

California mortgage lenders3.              Check Out HUD Home Opportunities: HUD homes have always been good deals, but these days you can find homes for almost nothing, especially if you are willing to move into a revitalization area. Ask your real estate agent for a tour of revitalization areas in your metro area, and then start keeping track of HUD homes as they come on and off the market.

4.              Consider Buying Rental Property: It is not the wisest decision to buy and flip the property.  But it is a great time to buy and rent it out. So stay calm and cool and buy the property and rent it out for earning profit for your business.


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