Saturday, 31 March 2012

Why Realtors Should Partner with Private Money Lenders

Private Hard Money InvestorsWith the current state of the economy and the tightened financial markets, the use of private money lending sources has skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Right now the economy provides an excellent opportunity for finding private money lenders because they are looking for different ways to invest besides the stock market.

Below are the some reasons which can reveal the facts that why realtors should partner with Private Money Lenders.

• Most Private Hard Money Lenders can only lend on non-owner occupied properties. That is due to ever changing compliance restrictions that are being applied to owner-occupied properties.

• You may have sellers that would like to find buyers that are pre-approved and ready to close fast. Private Lenders are swimming with “investor types” like that.

•Many private Money Loans are paid off by obtaining a less expensive agency loan some point in the future thus giving you an opportunity for additional business.

• Hard money lenders are never the cheapest lender in the market, brokers try to find terms that will make their clients happy. Although a double-digit interest rate is common, brokers look for firms that charge origination fees in the 2-3 point range.

• Mortgage brokers connect their clients to hard money because they know that, in exchange for a higher cost of funds, the loan can actually close. While hard money loans require due diligence, brokers expect that the loan will be able to close quickly and to close without unreasonable levels of paperwork.

Private Hard Money LoansMost of Private Money Lenders don’t even get so much interested about your financial situation and how to react to something really positive in Real Estate Investment.  Your Private Money Lenders are more concerned about your success and therefore ask you to look at each property deal with minute details.

If you are looking for investment alternatives that offer high returns, are backed by hard assets and are serviced by experienced professionals, then you should contact Private Hard Money Lender, or contact us at


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