Monday, 26 March 2012

How to find right Hard Money Lender in California

Finding the right hard money lenders in
CaliforniaFinding the right hard money lenders in California is a challenging and time consuming process. There are so much firms and companies that offer hard money loans for real estate business. The borrower sometimes confuses to decide the right lender. Due to lack of knowledge and experience about loan terms and conditions the borrower sometimes caught by the wrong lending companies which would ruin their time and money.
A timesaving key would be to ask some general questions from lender. These questions are
  • ·      Are you a direct money lender in California? If the answer is no then ignore the lender.
    ·        How long do your hard money loans last? Hard money loan terms are typically no longer than 2 to 3 years. The reason is that a longer term becomes too expensive for the borrower.
    ·         What is the loan size for hard money? The general money they offer for loan is from $100,000 to $2 Million.
    ·         What is loan to value ratio (LTV)? Trustful companies offer lending for below 50% LTV, to 80% LTV.
    ·         What are the different types of hard money loans do you offer? Some types are loans for commercial real estate, residential real estate, land, new construction, a bridge loan or a rehab loan.

As a borrower if you find satisfied answers of these questions then go forward and apply for hard money loan in California. If not then there is no need to waste time. Leave it and search for another lender in this area, you will find a lot of companies in California.
Hard money lending in real estate business is increasing day by day. People involved in real estate business need fast loans to complete their transactions. They prefer hard money lending because it is easiest and fastest way for taking loan. They just need to apply for a loan and after short verification process he gets the loan. This is in contrast with the conventional bank loans where a borrower waits a lot for loan. In a real estate business there is always risks and threats involved in this business because the values of property can be increased or decreased at any time. So as a real estate investor you need hard money that will provide flexibility and autonomy so that you can be in a position to control your finances in future.
At last I would suggest if anyone needs loan to fulfill business requirements, for investment in real estate business then after choosing right hard money lender he can apply for loan. He will get loan if he is in hands of right hard money company.

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