Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Two Major Benefits of Hard Money Lenders

Californai Private Lenders
California Hard Money Lenders
You have just started your business by using bank loans, monthly savings, credit cards, lines of credit,

You are not happy about how long the banks take to get the loan. It takes upto 4-1/2 months on a house without a furnace. The banks did not know if they wanted to make a loan on such kind of house, but that rehab business is all about. Buy them ugly, cheap and fix them. If you would have used a California hard money lenders on the above deal, you could have bought, fixed & sold the property and saved $20,000 by the time to the closing table with the banks.

With private money lenders, funds are available the whole time. When you see good deal that comes in my way, grab it, because you know the money is for you. While your competitors are searching around applying at the banks, you have made the offer and closed the deal. Your rehab crew will be over the property like ants before the competition which knows what happened. You would love having private money lenders for my business.

So, a major benefit is How Quickly you purchase a property.

Creative techniques with sellers (like land contracts or lease/options), and partners. You are more concerned that it is going to be harder to get loans to purchase the properties.
This is a huge benefit... Just think about what this has done to improve my balance. Now you will always get monthly payments . So the second major benefit is improved cash flow because now you do not have to make monthly mortgage payments but just let the interest accrue.

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