Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Investment Scams in California Real Estate

Real estate investment scams in California are exposed to public to educate them. They are exposed so that investors beware of these real estate frauds in future. For secure investment, investor should have a complete market exposure. He should know current real estate market trends and economic stability of country. He should have full fledged knowledge of the area in which he is going to invest. 

As a real estate investor you should know different types of investment scams in California. One is ‘Cold calling’. Cold calling is an unexpected or unsolicited telephone call offering investments or financial advice. The investments they offer usually guarantee high returns or encourage you to invest in overseas companies. The scams sound professional and may have other resources to support their claims. Cold callers often claim to be stock-brokers or portfolio managers. The investments that are offered by cold calling are usually share, mortgage or real estate 'investments', 'high-return' schemes, option trading or foreign currency trading.

There are many examples of numerous investment scams. These in particular are disturbing because the brokers scammed the investors as well as the banks for millions before getting caught. In these cases, the perpetrators used houses in need of renovation as the carrot. Under normal circumstances an investment in this kind of vehicle could likely be a very lucrative venture, and it could do well to revitalize neighborhoods while stimulating local economies.
Advance Fee Fraud which plays on an investor’s hope that he or she will be able to reverse a previous investment mistake involving the purchase of a low-priced stock. The scam generally begins with an offer to pay you an enticingly high price for worthless stock in your portfolio. To take the deal, you must send a fee in advance to pay for the service. But if you do so, you never see that money or any of the money from the deal again.

California private money loansWe know that California hard money equity loans are a popular business in California.  Mortgage brokers in California should assess your circumstances, help you understand what you can afford, assist you in finding a California mortgage lender that fits your needs, and guide you in navigating the paperwork. So be careful in choosing right person for right job to secure your future.

At the end I would like to conclude my discussion by advising you again to beware of frauds and scams. Keep open your eyes and brain to do the best decision in business. It would be helpful in achieving business goals.


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