Thursday, 25 December 2014

Choosing The Right Hard Money Lender

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One of the biggest catch in foreclosure an investment is arranging the finance. You cannot Hard money lenders are private lenders/individuals who provide loans from their own finance. They do not belong to any institution. Yes the interest rates are high as compared to conventional lenders, but it’s worth it.
expect banks for instance who sell the properties to finance the same. For them, they are already burdened with a lot of unpaid loans and innumerable foreclosures. Where traditional lender backs you down, a real estate investor can take loans from hard money lenders in California.

If you are a real estate investor, hunting for finance, then California Hard Money Lenders is your ideal destination.

There are many more other hard money lenders ready to provide loans to foreclosure investment. How do you choose the best? Here are some useful tips

Choosing the best hard money lenders in California

·         Know what you want:
The first thing is to determine your financial needs before approaching the hard money lender. Remember borrowing extra loan creates an additional burden of interest. Likewise, underestimation creates lack of funds in near future.

·         Research on the hard money lenders:
Unlike conventional lenders like bank and other lenders, private hard money lenders do not run on any specific rules and regulations. Instead they have their own terms and conditions. Therefore, you need a quick research of all hard money lenders before making your decision. You can anticipate from friends and acquaintances while searching for the best hard money lenders in the area.

·         Look for a lender in your locality:
You may have to visit the lenders frequently. It is convenient if he stays in the neighborhood.    Also, see that the lender understands your needs, is patient and compassionate. They can help you only if he can understand your needs patiently.

·         Terms and conditions:
It is important to go through the terms and conditions before making the final call. Such practice avoids any difficulties in future and also gives you a broad picture of what you are getting into. Some hard money lenders are flexible and can design the loan amount and payments fulfilling your limitations and expectations. However, it may be, most lenders have specific terms and conditions underlying the loan. Therefore, it is advisable to study thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions laid down in the loan agreement. If you have any doubts, do clarify it with the lender before making a deal.

Hard money lenders are a great option for financing foreclosure investments. Hard money lenders offer their invaluable support where conventional lenders fail to do so. The good news is that these lenders sanction the loan in a very short span of 48 hours or at most a week. In foreclosure investment, timely financing can make or break your deal. With a reliable hard money lender by your side, you will never lose a promising deal.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Direct Hard Money Lendres For Concord Real Estate

Hard Money Lenders are private companies and individuals who lend out capital to fund real estate deals. The loans are called "Hard Money Loans" or "Private Money Loans" is a significant source of financing for real estate investors who need short-term access to funds.

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Hard Money Loans
Getting Hard Money in California:

Hard money lending in California is just as popular as it is in most other areas, particularly with property buyers. You might wonder why credit seekers decide on direct hard money lenders over traditional loan associations. You may often hear or read that private funders demand extra or that they are known to be a last option for funding.

The truth is that Concord hard money lenders offer many services that the banks and traditional lenders simply cannot or will not. They approve loans quickly. They understand the needs of the investor, since most of them have invested in real estate. Some of them are even considered specialists, a good choice for the rehabber or reseller. The fees that they charge are reasonable, for the most part, but to get the best deal, you should shop around.

Advantages of getting Concord Hard Money:

Unlike other lenders, we will not leave you wondering for weeks if your request will be approved; we let you know within days (most likely hours) if we are interested in working with you. And since we are a direct lender and underwrite our own loans, your loan will close fast and without the hassle and headache we hear about so often from other lenders.
If you are an active real estate investor/borrower and have multiple commercial or residential properties with equity in California, I would love to hear from you.  Just fill out my simple prequalification form and we’ll get back to you within one business day. We value your business and I look forward to funding your transaction!

You will find that Concord hard money lenders are competitive. They want your business to flourish, so they advertise. One of the best ways to choose a provider is to simply evaluate their website. Look for the ones that detail their approval process, repayment plans and additional services. The more up-front they are about what they have to offer, the more likely it is that you have found a reliable legitimate source of funds.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Two Major Benefits of Hard Money Lenders

Californai Private Lenders
California Hard Money Lenders
You have just started your business by using bank loans, monthly savings, credit cards, lines of credit,

You are not happy about how long the banks take to get the loan. It takes upto 4-1/2 months on a house without a furnace. The banks did not know if they wanted to make a loan on such kind of house, but that rehab business is all about. Buy them ugly, cheap and fix them. If you would have used a California hard money lenders on the above deal, you could have bought, fixed & sold the property and saved $20,000 by the time to the closing table with the banks.

With private money lenders, funds are available the whole time. When you see good deal that comes in my way, grab it, because you know the money is for you. While your competitors are searching around applying at the banks, you have made the offer and closed the deal. Your rehab crew will be over the property like ants before the competition which knows what happened. You would love having private money lenders for my business.

So, a major benefit is How Quickly you purchase a property.

Creative techniques with sellers (like land contracts or lease/options), and partners. You are more concerned that it is going to be harder to get loans to purchase the properties.
This is a huge benefit... Just think about what this has done to improve my balance. Now you will always get monthly payments . So the second major benefit is improved cash flow because now you do not have to make monthly mortgage payments but just let the interest accrue.

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

California Hard Money Lenders | Recently Funded Properties

Hard money lenders are private individuals or small firm that lend money based on the property that an individual is buying and it is not your credit score. These loans will cost you more than an average loan. Developers among other will use it to fund deals as you can borrow up to 100% of your purchase price. On the other, hand hard money lenders will suggest you to back up your loan with the real assets. If you know you can buy a property and turn it quickly at huge profit, and you cannot get a standard mortgage. It would be one way; most of the investors use hard money to get into the property having some quick fixes to raise their property value.

The good thing about California Hard Money Lender is that the loan is normally not based on credit score (like local lenders) or at least not on your credit worthiness (i.e. assets and income), now you can receive funding within a matter of days (normally about 7-14 days) rather than over a month, and you can get a loan on any piece of junk that you find. You also are not normally dealing with a processing team. You deal directly with an individual lender. If he or she says yes, then you have the loan. This is an advantage over, going through an entire process of loan committee or underwriting process.

Recently Funded Properties

Here is a list of recently funded properties

Monterey, CA
Monterey, CA

Monterey, CA-$400,000

Monterey, CA-$400,000 loan amount. 2nd mortgage 35% CLTV. $400,000 loan amount for
business use cash-out.

Atherton, CA
Atherton, CA

 Atherton, CA-$4,000,000

Atherton, CA-$4,000,000 loan amount. 1st Mortgage. 65% LTV. $4,000,000 loan amount for
business use cash-out.

Atherton, CA
Atherton, CA

Atherton, CA-$585,000

Atherton, CA-$585,000 loan amount. 2nd Mortgage. 30% CLTV. $585,000 loan amount for
business use cash-out

Atherton, CA
Atherton, CA

Atherton, CA – $2,400,000

Atherton, CA-2.4 million loan amount. 1st Mortgage. 60% LTV 2.4 million loan amount for
purchase of SFR development/rehab project.

Marin County, CA
Marin County, CA

Marin County, CA – $300,000

Marin County, CA-$300,000 dollar loan amount. 2nd mortgage. 40% CLTV $300,000 loan
amount for debt consolidation and tenant improvements.

Menlo Park, CA
Menlo Park, CA

Menlo Park, CA – $500,000

Menlo Park, CA-$500,000 dollar loan amount. 1st mortgage. 25% LTV $500,000 loan amount
for rehab and development project.

Daly City, CA
Daly City, CA

 Daly City, CA – $500,000

Daly City, CA- $500,000 dollar loan amount. 1st mortgage. 55% LTV $500,000 loan amount for purchase of  SFR rehab project.

Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto, CA – $900,000

Palo Alto, CA-900,000 loan amount. 2nd Mortgage. 50% LTV on Non Flagged Hotel.

Orinda, CA
Orinda, CA

Orinda, CA – $945,000

Orinda, CA-945,000 loan amount. 1st Mortgage. 70% LTV on SFR rehab project.

San Joaquin County, CA
San Joaquin County, CA

 San Joaquin County, CA – $1,100,000

San Joaquin County, CA- 1.1 million loan amount. 1st Mortgage. 60% LTV 1.1 loan amount on
stabilization of 87 Unit Mobile Home Park.

San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA – $2,000,000

San Francisco, CA- 2 million dollar loan amount. 1st mortgage. 50% LTV 2 million dollar loan
amounts for purchase of SFR rehab project

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